FG Press & Uncommon Stock - a new Startup Thriller!

Sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t do it. (still love you @twitter!) so its time to dust off this blog and offer up a few more words. I haven’t posted here since the back surgery. I’m mostly better, more on that soon.

I just read  an advance copy of Uncommon Stock, a new novel by Eliot Peper, published on FG Press. (Full disclosure, I’m also an author on FG Press). I’m not going lie, its hard to put down! Its a fun and all-too-real fictional journey through the dynamics that are building a tech business. 

I won’t spoil it all here, but you can grab an excerpt on the FG press page or go directly over to Amazon and get your own copy today! Eliot does a great job with this book. It’s really fun to read if you are curious about the 1st person experience in startups, have lived it yourself, or want to escape for a little while. I’m sure its enjoyable for 100 other reasons as well, but that’s my short list. Pro Tip: Follow Mara, the protagonist, on Twitter!

Related: I’m really excited about what the Foundry team is doing with FG Press. I’m honored to be on the platform as a first time author, and can’t wait to see more books launch this way. It does feels like this is the future, jetpacks and all! 

Ouch goes the Back

Since I’m up at 5am and lying on the floor due to the throbbing in my back and leg I might as well complain a little about it. About two weeks ago a progressively worsening disc in my lower back (L5 for those that care) finally ruptured and I’ve been a hot mess since then. 

The good news is that I know I’m not alone. I’ve already talked to at least a dozen people who have had variations of this same issue and have made recoveries via both surgical and non-surgical paths. Thank you to those of you that have already made recommendations, shared your stories, sympathized and told me what to do. 

I’ve now had a good year of progressively worse “episodes” where the herniation caused pain and back problems, but this is by far the worst I’ve had so far. I was already doing all of the right things…or so I thought. 

I’ve had to shelve any riding, lifting, skiing, etc - no exercise for the last two weeks. Incredibly foreign concept for me. What I feel the worst about is letting other people down. I have had to cancel work trips, events, DJ gigs, meetings, etc. It’s very true that you we often take our health for granted and you don’t fully appreciate it until its gone.

I’m really looking forward to entering the next phase  - recovery and strengthening. There will be a new normal, but I’m ready for it. 

Creating True Utility - email noise

Every day it seems like I get more and more email from websites or services I’ve signed up for. I’m always trying new things and looking to see what companies are up to. What I’ve noticed is that I’ve created a mental filter that always precedes the email filter (or the unsubscribe/cancel). 

If the service or site is not providing any real value or utility to me after a few short days or weeks, I stop looking at the emails. Then I realize they are clogging up my inbox and filter them out, or simply unsubscribe all together. Neither of these are the desired outcomes for the company or start-up, or myself. 

I’m not sure there is a clear solution either. Rather - its just a good reminder that your site/service has to provide a clear and meaningful purpose/utility out of the gate to get people’s attention in this noisy world. 

I’m a Techstar (again!)

Exciting News - I’ve just joined the super awesome Techstars team!  I’ll be focusing on alumni and acting as conduit and enabler for the incredible network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors the platform has grown to encompass. Check out the cool infographic we posted yesterday to see what I mean. My company, Filtrbox, went through Techstars Boulder in 2007 - the inaugural class! Since that time I’ve stayed close to Techstars and acted as a mentor, investor and supporter over the years.

I took a partial sebbatical over the summer after leaving Jive (more on that in another post) and am super psyched to jump into this role. I’m joining Techstars at a really exciting time -  David and team have truly stacked the deck with some great people who share the vision and passion for helping entrepreneurs get off the ground. 

I’m posting this from Techstars #foundercon - our annual founders meeting. It feels great to have come “full circle” and now be part of the organization that helped launch Filtrbox a good 5 years ago! 

In other news, this also means I’m going to start blogging (here) again and be in regular communication on all my favorite topics. Switching on Creator mode again!

Just posted my latest DJ set - recored live at KGNU studios last night. Free download! Enjoy.

Just posted this progressive house set I did in 2001. Blast from the past, eh? Some of you might even remember this.